Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tues 29 July: Back to work

Found out today I’ve got the job I had second interview for yesterday. It’s a short term (3 months) piece of work in Sydney, working for one of the big govt departments to help them work out how to engage more effectively with their NGO service providers. Good things about it are a) I’ll be earning instead of spending! (and it’s good money) b) it will help me get to know the ‘scene’ a bit more c) it will open up contacts and longer term opportunities d) it will give me a bit of breathing space to keep talking to people in Melbourne about potential options there. Not-so-good things about it are a) I’m not sure I’m cut out for civil service life b) it’s a bit more strategic/policy focused than I’d like. All in all I’m happy as I’d always rather be doing something than nothing and I feel like now I can relax a bit and just enjoy being in Sydney for a few months.

As a complete aside, you may be amused to know that K has now read this blog and has commented that he feels like he’s a secondary character in a Sex & The City-type column (he should be so lucky!). He’s also started referring to himself in the third person in a sardonic way – e.g. “K noted for the record that his preferred cinema choice was vetoed”, that kind of thing. Oh the laughs we have (!)

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