Sunday, 3 August 2008

Thurs 31st Aug: Wet Paint (& wine)

Last couple of days spent immersed in shopping malls, internet cafes and running along the Sydney coastline. Shopping malls because having secured new job, I realised I've got no smart clothes (except for the ones that are still en route from UK). Internet cafes because life is a never ending list of "to do" points, many of which require access to the internet to complete and we've not been able to sort out mobile broadband access yet. And running along the Sydney coastline because it's simply too beautiful not too, plus my lardy lifestyle of the last few weeks combined with the hell that is shopping mall mirrors, provide good motivation in themselves!!

Of course, running hard two days on the trot, plus ticking off lots of aforementioned "to do"s is a recipe for indulgence and tonight provided the perfect opportunity. K and I were taken out for dinner by a group of his new colleagues as a welcome to Sydney. We went to a place called Wet Paint, in Bronte, near where we're staying. It was BYO wine, which is really common here, so we bought a couple of bottles of red. Others brought more red, plus white, plus beers. The place wasn't licensed to let us drink BYO beer, but by the end of the night they were turning a blind eye as some of our party (not me!) started opening the bottles with teeth!

Oh yes, and apart from the generally high intake of alcohol, we also had some excellent food. I had the special - a Syrian barramundi, with chickpeas and other vegetables. Barramundi is a type of cod and it was gorgeous. General murmurs of appreciation from everyone else indicated all the food was well-received.

There was also lots and lots and lots of social enterprise-based chat, none of which went anywhere in particular but I'm sure lots of important points were raised and discussions had, which seemed crucial at the time!

I'm writing this a few days after the event: the hangover the next day was a bit severe.

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