Monday, 11 August 2008

Thurs 7th Aug: "Just the one"

Went to see a gym straight after work today - going to join up in a bid to get in shape for 9K I've signed up for in, yikes 6 weeks! K came along too as he's planning to find a 5-a-side team to play for and feels in need of some "pre season training". After we'd had the lookaround and sales chat, we were supposed to be going home and having a nice healthy homecooked meal. But then K uttered the fatal words "just the one?", which of course ended in "just the three and a burger & fries please!". We went to the Clock Hotel on Crown Street, which is the very first place we ever went to in Sydney when we were here 18 months ago. A particular bonus was the "roll the dice" promotion they were running, where rolling a pair got you your drinks for free - my luck was in with a nicely rolled set of "4"s!

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