Monday, 11 August 2008

Wed 6th Aug: A new dawn!

We moved into our new apartment last night - hurrah! We are actually going to be in one place now for 2 months! It's a nice little place - very central, in Surry Hills, which is apparently "edgy". Although when I told the person that said this that I used to live in a) Leith b) Glasgow and c) South London, he retracted the "edgy" comment and reckoned I'd feel at home! Sydney is pretty well-to-do and basically Surry Hills actually has some relatively poor people living in it, including some indigenous Australians (will save observations on THAT issue for another post!). I think the fact that only every other shop sells organic food makes it "edgy".

Anyway, this new move means we can both now walk to work (aw, together!) It's about 20 mins to K's office and 25 to mine. We're both based in the heart of the CBD (that's Central Business District to you!) where sandwiches cost a fortune but the offices are swanky. It's good to have a regular dose of daily exercise and great to be so central, although the beach is now a bus ride away!

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