Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sat 2nd Aug: Beach & babysitting

Today we set off on another walk along the coastline, this time from Bronte to Clovelly, which is the opposite direction from the walk we did last weekend.

We saw loads of surfers again, tackling some very fast and pretty high waves and mostly getting wiped out as a result! At one point on the walk, the coastal path hugs the side of Sydney's cemetery where various great and good types are buried with a beautiful view out to sea, perched on a high cliff top with waves crashing below. V peaceful. We pondered on how much the real estate there would be worth these days!

After the cemetery, we descended down to Coogee beach where we had our worst eating experience so far. The beach cafe/restaurant was a welcome sight as we rounded the headland, as it was about 2pm and I was beginning to feel a bit faint with hunger (I have to eat every few hours to avoid this!). Unfortunately, or perhaps as fate would have it, our order seemed to disappear into some kind of Bermuda Triangle between front-of-house and the kitchen, taking 45 minutes to appear and then, only after our much-harrassed waitress had practically had to make it herself (we'd only ordered a toasted sandwich, some fries and a fritatta with salad!)

Anyway, we got a fair bit knocked off the bill so alls well that ends well...

Eventually sustained and nourished, we finished up our walk by doing the final stretch to Clovelly beach, which is a lovely arc of golden sand with a very calm surf, where people were body boarding rather than surfing. At one point we saw a very low-flying Quantas plane overhead which we didn't think too much of until later, when we heard the news that a 767 had made an emergency landing at Sydney airport!

By this time it was around 4pm so as we had babysitting duties at 6pm, we got a bus back to our flat, mooched around reading the paper for a bit, then headed over the road to where the people whose flat we're in live to look after their 4 and 8 year olds for the evening - it's the least we can do in return for free accommodation!

The kids were very good and were fed, showered, storied and settled in bed by 8pm after which we curled up and watched DVDs!

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