Monday, 18 August 2008

Mon 18 Aug: Greatest sporting nation on earth?

For some reason I’ve developed a major streak of patriotism while watching the Olympics. I’m not sure if it’s being so far away from home, or because in the absence of the British media banging on about our medal hopes, I’m free to feel patriotic without being associated with all their jingoism, or whether it’s the unrelentingly upbeat and ‘go Aussies’ nature of the coverage here! Either way, I’ve found myself getting unduly excited as some random British sporting hero or heroine goes for gold (or even silver or bronze) and I felt an unmistakeable surge of pride when I saw we’d leapfrogged the Aussies in the medal table this morning! I’m keeping this to myself though, in order to avoid falling prey to another Aussie pastime – the fine art of “sledging” (aka taking the p***). When I made the mistake of saying to one of my colleagues, “The British swimmers are doing well this time, aren’t they?”, he replied “Aw yeah, they’ve made it to the end of the pool without drowning, that’s great”. (You have to say that in your head with an Aussie accent to get the full effect!).

Other amusing Olympic moments here include the Australian swim team’s song - think all the worst football songs you’ve ever seen and multiply it by a whole lot of extra cheese, then add in a complete lack of irony or embarrassment on the part of the swimmers – hilarious. See it here:

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