Monday, 11 August 2008

Tues 5th Aug: How govt works (not)

Ah, the joys of government bureaucracy transcend all borders. Today I was inducted into the way in which things get decided and approved at my work. It involves a long, complicated process of drafting things, putting them in green files called "containers", waiting for a week while some big boss type reads, corrects, alters the draft, then re-drafting until satisfactory, then eventually said thing gets filed in a "white file". Oh and they also have to be coded using some arcane document management system. And all of this - wait for it, ALL of it - is done by paper. Yes folks, that's right, in the modern 21st century, the concepts of emailing and track-changing and all those super-duper things you can do seem to be lost on people here. Alarming!

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