Sunday, 3 May 2009

Me and Kevin (Rudd that is)

This week has been a bit nuts. As well as working overtime for both my jobs, I also did my first day of tutoring for the School for Social Entrepreneurs which involved trekking out to western Sydney and spending around 1.5 hours each with 4 people all developing various social enterprise ideas - the idea being that I can use my own experiences etc to help them through various problems - interesting to do but pretty intense, especially in the middle of a week like this...

Still, it's Sunday, I've survived and I've only got a few more hours work to fit in today before starting all over again with an 8am teleconference with my boss tomorrow and a day that will go through till abou 9pm I think - er, didn't I move out here to have a nice stress-free life!?!

Anyway, the reason for all the busy-ness is that the Australian govt have just got on board with the whole concept of social enterprise and on Friday, both K and I, with our respective hats on, were involved in a 'community jobs summit' with various big wigs including the Australian Prime Minister and Deputy PM.

All the Aussies we know were very excited by this but somehow politicians are much less exciting when they're not your own, which was probably quite good as it meant I wasn't in the least bit nervous about doing my 10 minutes. It all seemed to go quite well but it was a long day (flew down to Melbourne on the red-eye so up at 5.30am which is really not me!)

I was meant to be paragliding off some cliffs near here yesterday but it was cancelled because of excessive winds - bit of a shame but meant we had a nice relaxing day of pootling around a national park instead.

I'm not doing very well with my 'photo of the week' efforts, sorry folks, especially when I could've had a picture of Kevin Rudd, the Aussie PM, this week! I did try to take one with my mobile phone but couldn't manage without being really obvious!!! Also walking home yesterday there was a beautiful "Kodak moment" with a rainbow over the Sydney Opera House - but had left the camera at home - oops. Will try harder...