Friday, 18 July 2008

Sat 12 July: Hello Sydney

Slept till 11am today – seems like first day for ages where we’ve not had anything to get up for (no breakfast included here so we could just get up whenever we felt like it). Had brunch out then did some more walking around. Sydney feels very familiar and it hasn’t taken long to get bearings back. Afternoon spent doing laundry at hotel, checking and sending emails, including various job-hunting related ones.

Had dinner in Italian place and then met my cousin, Robyn, who’s spending the summer travelling around Australia & New Zealand. Was good to see her and fun to hear about her backpacking tales – oh to be 22 again! After possibly one ‘schooner’ too many (they’re smaller than pints so don’t seem to ‘count’ as much!), saw Robyn onto her train and then headed back to hotel for some shut-eye.

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Muriel said...

Keep up the good work.