Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sun 27 July: Shopping & cinema

Today I was up early to phone back to the UK, this time to my dad. Really clear line and a good long chat including updated news on what’s going on in Scottish politics – there’s almost zero mention of the UK on the news here so I’m clueless at the moment!

Then we had a day of laundry, shopping (K needed a suit etc for starting work tomorrow), internet, cooking and then, in the evening, another fairly bad cinema experience. We went to see The X Files – the reviews have been bad but thought we might as well give it a try (well, it was probably me more than K!). Hmmm. It bore very little resemblance to the TV series and unfortunately Mulder and Scully’s characters were both pretty flat, caricatured and hard to engage with. Oh well.

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