Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mon 21 July: Clothes-tastic

Had a slew of meetings today, all of which were really useful and interesting and opened up various doors/further contacts, so that’s all good. But more importantly I went shopping! There are absolutely loads of great clothes shops here – it seems like every street has at least one funky little boutique filled with interesting, varied clothes. I’ve been resisting hard but today, I was lured into one by the sight of a really gorgeous, fitted three-quarter length coat. It was even better to see the price tag – only $60 (about £30) and after trying it on, I was sold! It’s dusky pink with a faint floral pattern in greys and darker pinks and is made out of a faux-velvet material – not as thick or heavy as velvet. Beautiful. I also got a couple of tops as I’ve got almost zero work-type clothes with me and you can never go wrong with nice tops, that’s what I say!

Attempted to contact my erstwhile partner today but he’s still out of mobile range somewhere on the Great Barrier Reef. No doubt enjoying the sunshine, warm water and lots of amazing underwater sights – while I type this with a heater warming my feet, the wind howling and the rain lashing down outside – jealous, moi!?

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