Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fri 25 July: New home (for ten days)

Spent today on the train back from Melbourne to Sydney. It was a long day, and thanks to lack of organisation on my part, I didn't have much to sustain me on the journey - a bottle of water, a massive back of Doritos and a pear - hmmm! I did get tea & scones from the buffet car too, but having seen the lunch & dinner options on my outward journey, decided to give them a miss - microwaved crap in a plastic tub. Anyway, arrived around 8pm, tired and hungry. K met me at station and we headed (after stopping for dinner) to our new home for the next ten days. We’re staying in a studio flat in the eastern suburbs, courtesy of one of K’s colleagues. It’s a wee bit out of town but near beaches and it’s free, so that’s even better! Sydney was perishing and very wet today. Also had 'I miss home' moment after spending a fortune on taxi to our place thanks to a driver who was incapable of using a bit of lateral thought to avoid a traffic jam and seemed to only be able to follow sat nav - oh for an Edinburgh or London cabbie with the ability to figure out short cuts!

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