Friday, 18 July 2008

Thurs 3 July: To Borneo…

Up at 4.30am, which sounds horrific but thanks to the continued wonders of jet lag, wasn’t actually that bad! Checked in to Low Cost Carrier Terminal, home of Air Asia, the easyjet of this part of the world, quite painless experience including a nice brekkie of boiled eggs & toast plus the bonus of free wi-fi for those early morning emails! K was chuffed to see Man Utd’s logo plastered all over planes – they are official low cost airline of the team!

Arrived at Tawau in Borneo (East Malaysia) late morning. 90 minute drive across to Semporna where we transferred onto a small boat to take us to our island resort. Joined on boat by an American family, father wearing a t-shirt promoting “the number one urologoy portal” which might explain the embarrassed look on his son’s face! Slept for a good part of the journey, arrived at resort looking forward to collapsing into bed and otherwise relaxing until diving started the next day. Ha! No sooner had we begun to unwind than we found out we were scheduled to do a checkout dive at 3pm – where they ‘check out’ that you can actually dive and aren’t going to be a major hazard to yourself, other divers or the reef! Could’ve seen it far enough at that stage but was good to get it done and out of the way and actually really enjoyed being back in the water again after nearly a year since last dive.

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