Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Mon 28 July: Rain, rain go away

Had second interview for a short term contract in Sydney this afternoon (went well), preceded by a meeting with recruitment agent who’s been working on my behalf. When I went to meet her, it was sunny and fine. By the time I came out an hour later, it was pouring with rain and it didn’t really stop all afternoon or evening. It’s grim.

K’s first day in new job today. Seemed to go well enough for a first day – nothing too taxing and the usual paperwork/tour of office/’getting to know your desk’ stuff.

Had a lovely home-cooked meal of pasta with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and olives this evening (courtesy of K). One of his specialities and one of my favourites. Then it was off to the cinema again! This time to see the Dark Knight, the new Batman film, which was a considerable improvement on last night’s offering! There is loads of hype here about Heath Ledger’s performance and a bit of a campaign going to get him a posthumous Oscar. Hard to say whether that’s deserved or not – he was a lot better than a lot of Oscar winners have been in the past, but not sure what the competition’s like this year…Anyway, it was well done as a Batman movie – quite a gritty, dark feel to it, no ridiculous crash-bang-wallop effects and a reasonable plot. It felt a bit on the long side and Christian Bale’s deep, husky Batman voice was slightly odd (he sounds like one of the blokes that does cinema trailers). Other than that, I’d recommend it!

Really looking forward to getting into our apartment next week and hopefully the rest of our stuff should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. Living out of a suitcase is okay for a bit, and fine if you’re travelling, but it makes ‘normal life’ slightly difficult.

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