Friday, 18 July 2008

Thurs 10 July: Back to KL

Back in KL for 2 nights before we make final step of our journey to Australia. Arrived late last night – around 1am - so late-ish breakfast this morning. I’d decided to book a different hotel for our 2nd stint in KL but after this morning’s breakfast chaos, I’m wishing we’d gone back to the Novotel! Almost nothing left to eat, hardly any tables and everyone seemed to be having breakfast late! But worse things happen at sea!

Spent a few hours in a shopping mall, and bought some clothes for potential interviews in Oz (my smart clothes are in bag I had to send back to my mum’s in Edinburgh!). Had dinner in what we were hoping was a Sri Lankan restaurant (it was called Ceylon something) but turned out to be a fairly westernised menu – I ended up having a burger and fries!

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