Sunday, 15 March 2009

Whizz - there goes another week

The last week has been really busy but I can’t think of anything particular to write about in this blog. Here’s all I can really remember!

• I had a really crap, demoralising week at work (various things that probably best I don’t write about in public), although it ended reasonably positively.

• We had a friend from work in Scotland staying with us for most of the week which was nice but meant that K and I had almost no time on our own together, so this weekend it’s been good to actually catch up on each other’s weeks!

• I had a good skype chat with my pal Will on Monday and a good phone chat with my brother today, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed – tis good to talk, as they say!

• I drank far more than is healthy due to going out for dinner with group of pals from social enterprise after a particularly bad day at work on Thursday, which had me reaching for my glass of red wine more frequently than is sensible – oh well.

• Despite being pretty whacked by the week’s events, we ended up watching Man U-Liverpool in the pub with some friends till 2am last night, which perhaps explains why we’re both a bit zombie like today.

• I went running 3 times, to the gym twice and am going again later today – so it’s not all been too unhealthy!

• My homesickness from last week seems to have abated a bit, maybe because visit in May is getting closer.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Emma,
I only travelled South to Hemel Hempstead ! Home-sickness + + for 2-3 years. Missed the Hills. Missed the Ambience. Only felt Better when travelling back to Scotland !
Love you Lots.
Perhaps see you in May ??
Love, Gran xx