Monday, 2 March 2009

Celebrating idiocy

So, despite the fact that there have been two shark attacks at dawn and dusk in recent weeks (see post below) and therefore people have been warned repeatedly not to go in the water at these times (as this is when sharks feed), some teenager and his dad went surfing on a deserted beach at dawn on Sunday morning (you're also meant to go in water when lots of people around - big numbers put sharks off). Lo and behold, said teenager gets bitten by a shark and instead of the media highlighting the utter stupidity of him and his dad, instead it's poor old sharks that are getting a bad press, with talk of increased shark fishing quotas (note - sharks are actually endangered) and macho rubbish about shooting every shark on sight.


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Anonymous said...

I am seeing lots of Australia on TV right now, including latest Shark Attack !
Eye Test today reveals another age related problem. Small cataracts starting in both eyes ! " SUGAR" and other unmentionable words !
Love, Gran xx