Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hazy Saturday

Today we attempted to explore a different part of Sydney but were thwarted by the ferry wharf at our destination (Balmain) being closed for refurbishment. So we stayed on the ferry and went to Darling Harbour instead (a bit of an old fave - the regenerated waterside area of Sydney and very lovely it is too).

There was some putting-the-world-to-rights to be done by K and I, particularly as we'd been in different states for most of this week, so we had a long, lazy, sun-soaked lunch, followed by a long, lazy, sun-soaked afternoon of outdoor drinking. All in all it was very pleasant indeed, and after eventually calling it a day around 9pm, it was back to the ranch.

Pics are of Darling Harbour on our way to lunch, and K after several beers.

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