Sunday, 1 March 2009

Up & over

I’m reading Vaclav Havel’s autobiography (To the Castle and Back) at the moment – just started. I liked this observation from some time he spent in Washington just after the pope died.

“America is a rather odd country. It’s very religious, and at the same time it allows the broadcast of the pope’s funeral to be interrupted by advertisements, many of which were the direct embodiment of what he had criticized for his entire life. I found it truly hard to understand, and it made me more and more uncomfortable, until I finally switched the television off.”

On a less serious note, K and I went to a grand prix athletics event last night. It cost us $15 each (about £6) which is a bit of a bargain – most sports events here are really good value, especially compared to UK prices. We saw Asafa Powell, some other Olympic medallists and then Steve Hooker, Australia’s gold medallist in the pole vault. He’s aiming to beat Sergei Bubka’s long-standing world record – didn’t come too close last night but it was great to see an athlete of that calibre in action.

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