Saturday, 21 March 2009

Random 100th post

This is my 100th post on this blog. I think I've been in Australia for about 250 days so I guess that's not a bad posting average. Having said that, I'm getting a little bored of posting in the current format, so my mission for this next week is to shake things up a little bit, possibly with some form of 'photo of the day' approach (I need to start using my camera a bit more than I have been as I've been slacking with putting my photography course from last year into practice).

I'll start with a randomly captured image from a week or so ago (artistic license!).

I walked past this car on my street on my way to get the train into work. It had been fairly wet the night before - obviously enough to cause the branch to collapse in a sodden heap! Not a nice way to start the day for the owner!

And the 2nd one is my view from train station platform while waiting for my train to work.

I realise I've been a bit down on Australia and Australians in recent posts, which is probably a bit unfair of me - apologies Australia! I've met lots of good people here and if I've been a bit negative, it's probably more to do with my natural tendency to take an opposite view of things to the majority around me - so I react against the unrelenting positivity of the average Aussie!!!

This week has been another busy one for both K and I - we have been a bit like ships passing in the night as he's been away in Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne, and I've been down on the southern New South Wales coast. That old cliche, "quality time", is on the agenda for this weekend and we're also going walking in the Blue Mountains tomorrow with a few other people, so here's hoping for a rejuvenating, refreshing, relaxing weekend.

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