Monday, 6 April 2009

Yikes, it's winter!!!

I can't believe it - winter has finally arrived in my life! After what seems like the longest summer in the world, stretching from pretty much a year ago (barring a brief wintry interlude when we first arrived in Oz in July), today was quite a shock. The clocks changed here on Sunday and it was DARK when I left the office today!!! I can tell I'm going to find this all very confusing - just like when it was summer here and winter back home. I can cope fine with autumn & spring being the wrong way round (doesn't feel that different) but summer & winter are a different story...

Apart from that slight shock to the system, we had another lovely weekend of exploring parts of Sydney that we've not quite managed to until now. Yesterday we walked up and around Kurraba Point, to the east of Kirribilli, taking in some fine views as we went. As is customary after any walking adventures we do, we treated ourselves to a few beers afterwards: the venue was the Oaks, a very pleasant beer barn in Neutral Bay (the suburb along from us and where we ended up after walking), so-called because it's a complex of about 7 linked bars, with a quadrangle-shaped beer garden, centred around a massive oak tree which must be from colonial times if not before (er, were oaks imported here, I don't know?!)

The afternoon was sunny, warm and lovely - but it did have that feeling of 'this might be the last time for a while that we spend a couple of hours in a beer garden in the sun' - oh well, will just have to find some nice bars for indoor beers!!

Pictures to follow once K comes back from Melbourne with our laptop...

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Emma,
I'm just getting over the hour going forward on the other side of your world !
Still dragging myself out of bed at 9am !!
Glad you are feeling happier.
Love Gran xx