Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ku-ring-gai national park & mum's birthday

K and I went bushwalking again this weekend - now that the temperature is cooling down it's really nice to be outside and getting some decent walks in. We went to the Ku-ring-gai national park, 24km north of Sydney, which was really really beautiful. We ended up doing a different walk to the one we'd planned and scaled Mount Ku-ring-gai itself - not really a mountain mind you, more of a slope on a valley and we were up and back in about 2.5 hrs. Then we sat by Cowan's Creek while I cooled my feet in its waters and fed a passing duck bits of my sandwich - simple pleasures!

Today it was an early start to skype into my mum's 50th birthday celebrations, happening thousands of miles away in Scotland. K and I were projected onto a big screen in front of 29 assembled family members - lucky I look so good at 6.30am (oh that's right, I don't!) It was an emotional occasion and for a minute I thought I wasn't going to be able to get my little speech out through the choke in my throat but got there eventually and then very much enjoyed watching everyone else do their bit as webcam relayed it all. Technology is a wonderful thing sometimes. (Love you mum!!!!)

Going back for a visit in 5 weeks and really really looking forward to it. Although having booked our flights months ago, we're a bit peeved that the airlines have all slashed their fares on the "Kangaroo" route to UK so if we'd booked now, we'd be saving over $1000...ah well.....

And so to Sunday evening - much the same as always including ironing, Bones on TV and early to bed after this morning's adventures.

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