Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tuesday 27 January: Great Ocean Road Part 1

So today was the start of our ‘big road trip’, driving from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampian Mountains.

We picked up our hire car around 10am and began the meander out of the city. Our first destination was the Bellarine Peninsula, a jutting headland that forms one side of the mouth of Port Phillip Bay. Then, from there, we hugged the coastline all the way to Apollo Bay, our end destination for the day. On the way, there were more scenic lookouts than you could shake a stick at and endless, endless expanses of crystal blue ocean and dusty white sands. Gorgeous.

Apollo Bay, and the ‘eco beach’ youth hostel we stayed in, were both very relaxed and laidback. One guy in the hostel arrived in Australia from England 4 months ago and had since spent all his time since meandering up and down a 50 km stretch of coastline, just surfing and drinking. Not a bad life! After a long walk up and down the beach, and a bit of a swim in the sea (well, more like a splash), we had a late-ish dinner in a very nice bar and watched the tennis over a bottle of wine. Bliss.

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