Sunday, 8 February 2009

Thursday 29 January: Grampians

We left the coast today as the temperature soared to close to 40 degrees and the news on the radio was full of the fact that this heatwave is the longest and hottest since records began. We were heading into the hills and were hoping it might be slightly cooler there as we had planned to do some bushwalking – no such luck. It was, if anything, even hotter! We arrived in Halls Gap, the main habitation in the Grampians, to find it completely deserted and absolutely baking. We resigned ourselves to driving around instead of walking! And later in the day, the only place we could take refuge was the local swimming pool, which even though it was packed with kids, was a blessed relief from the heat. After an early evening drive around to some local scenic spots and some kangaroo spotting, a quiet evening in the very nice eco hostel passed by with a home cooked pasta & pesto, and a glass or two of wine.

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