Sunday, 8 February 2009

Saturday 31 January: Fleurieu Peninsula

We had a great big breakfast this morning in McLaren Vale’s local deli – the best sausages I’ve had in a long time – and then decided to do some driving around the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula (mainly because the heat was so unbearable that being in an air-conditioned car was all we could stand!) The stretches of beach and little bays and huge expanses of ocean went on forever – it’s staggering how vast this country is!

We looped back to McLaren Vale through the wine-making surrounds and decided that, really, it was about time to hit some wineries and do some tasting. Three wineries and who knows how many samples later, we still hadn’t tasted a bad wine and had lots of order forms and scribbled notes (mostly along the lines of ‘very nice’!) I’d love to say I knew what I was talking about when it comes to wine, but really I haven’t got a clue.

As K was driving, he was spitting his wine samples – or giving them to me to finish! – which meant that I was in need of food and a snooze by mid afternoon! We found a nice little café in a coastal town that did a great plate of prawns and chips and then I slept off the day in the car while K drove us up to Adelaide, where we checked into our motel, read for a bit, then wandered out to take in the excitement of Adelaide on a Saturday night (except there wasn’t much!)

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