Monday, 15 February 2010

New Zealand Day 7 to 10 – Auckland

K was speaking at / taking part in a community development and social enterprise conference for the latter part of our time in NZ so I'll spare you the boring details! Only thing to note is really that from what I can see, Auckland's not worth sticking on your itinerary for a trip to these parts – I guess we've been a bit spoiled living in Sydney but having done the 'bus tour' of Auckland's top 14 attractions, I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to spend much time here. We did go to a very nice beach on our last night for dinner with some of the conference folks, which included a pretty trip over the Waitekere Ranges – hilly bushland with lots of lush trees etc – but other than that, not much to report!

All in all though, I'm really glad we made it down to the South Island and got a taste of the wildness of the country, and I'd love to come back some day to spend more time in the other parts of the country we didn't get to see (just not Auckland!)


impossible songs said...

Best pics ever, downhill all the way...

CBQ said...

Hi Wizards of Oz - extremely jealous of your trip to NZ - looks and sounds spectacular - glad you had such a great time.

And some interesting glow-worm facts along the way but it seems you're a bit of a walk-nazi for poor old K LOL

Ironing is his hobby...good one!