Monday, 15 February 2010

New Zealand Day 5 – Lake Manapouri / Kepler Track

Today, as part of my ongoing campaign to persuade K that he really does want to do a multi-day & night walk some day, we did a section of the Kepler Track, another of New Zealand's many walking tracks (or tramping tracks as they're called here). The walk was mostly through forests, skirting along the side of the Manapouri River and ending up at Lake Manapouri and the site of one of the overnight huts on the Kepler. Apparently some scenes in Lord of the Rings were filmed here, although don't ask me which ones – K reckoned maybe the scenes where Sean Bean gets killed in the first film. We didn't see any orcs or trolls or elves though. The weather was a bit cloudy today and cool enough for us to get our fleeces out for the first time – exciting (!)

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