Monday, 11 January 2010

Tassie Day 8 – Falls Festival Part 2

Woke up very early in the sweltering heat that was our tent at 6.30am! Ah well, that's what festivals are all about isn't it?! Quick breakfast and then we joined the ant-march of our fellow festivallers to the beach a few kms away. The water was too cold and jellyfish-infested to tempt us in, but it was a pleasant place to blow away some cobwebs before diving into festival day 2. It was a scorcher today, over 30 degrees, so we spent most of our time in the shade, relaxing to the sounds of Dundee's finest, The View, Norway's DataRock, Welsh rockers The Future of the Left (who cracked the funniest jokes of the festival at the expense of a) Aussies and b) Coldplay), Aussie band The Temper Trap, Editors (who we'd really wanted to see and who were v good). As it started to get dark and as the new year approached, Aussie band Midnight Juggernauts got the crowd going nicely before having to leave the stage as a lightning storm blew in to clear the muggy air! They managed to finish their set though, before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs brought in the new year. They were a bit disappointing – reminded me of a pale imitation of Garbage – but all in all, it was a fine festival and we retired to bed in the wee small hours of 2010 very happy and content. Even being woken a few hours later by the god-awful techno being played by our teenage tent neighbours, wasn't enough to spoil the occasion! (I'm not just getting old, it really was terrible!)

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