Monday, 11 January 2010

Tassie Day 10 – Tamar Valley

Today was wine tasting day, although we didn't really get going till this afternoon as we had a lot of catching up on sleep to do! There are lots of boutique vineyards speckled around the valley, within easy driving distance of each other, and we managed to squeeze a lot in! K was on driving duty so was spitting mostly, but I wasn't and by the fourth vineyard, it's fair to say my powers of discernment were deserting me! We ordered quite a bit of wine, enough to keep us going for a good while yet, and K is now a convert to pinot noir after telling me for the last 18 months how he doesn't really like it...!

Dinner tonight at the local pub, which was 'interesting'. Never had rice, chips and pasta on the same plate before! Back at the chalet, we cracked open another of Marion's wines and fired up the woodburner outside, keeping us warm and the bugs away, while we sat back, got slowly pissed and as the last night of our holiday slipped into darkness, reflected on one of the best holidays we've ever had.

Tassie rocks!!

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