Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Up & down

After a 'fed up' week last week, had a definite Friday feeling and fortuitously ended up out for a few drinks with some people involved in the One Foundation, who have just launched One Water in Australia - all profits go to ensuring clean water supplies for African villages.

Then on Saturday we went diving, which felt like a bit of a hassle when we had to get up early on Saturday morning, but which was actually exactly what I needed - 50 mins of a really easy, shallow dive (we didn't go below 5m so could really just have snorkelled it!!) where we saw cuttlefish, lots of pretty fish, some interesting underwater rocks and generally had a very relaxing time. There's a high faff factor with diving though, which meant that by the time we'd got back to the dive shop, sorted out our gear and had something to eat, it was 2pm by the time we got home. After a quick mid-pm snooze with a crap romantic comedy on in the background, we then headed to one of the big public open spaces out here for a free evening of jazz outdoors. Accompanied by a cool bag, some wine and a blanket, we met up with a friend from work and whiled away several pleasant hours in the warmth and mellowness. Too much wine was consumed though, which led to the pretty silly decision to go on to another pub and meet up with another pal from work. I paid the price the next day!

And so now it's Tuesday evening, I'm flying down to Melbourne on the red-eye flight at 7am tomorrow and once I've got the next three days of work out of the way, I'm ON HOLIDAY - HURRAH!!! Our itinerary includes the Australian Open, a music festival, driving along the Pacific Ocean, walking in "the Grampians" (prob nothing like the Scottish ones!) and some world famous wineries in the Barossa Valley near Adelaide.

Will, of course, post up holiday words and pics in due course - back in a few weeks folks!!


Anonymous said...

Give Andy Murray a few cheers from me !
Gran xx

Ben Narriage said...

Hi Emma and Kevin, just catching up on your blogs and it sounds like you are having a great time! I know I need to get my ass in gear and come over, but I am waiting to hear about another job in London. If that doesn't work out, I'll definitely be coming over to Aus :)