Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sunny days

Scorching in Sydney right now - close to 40 degrees apparently, although I've spent my time dashing from air conditioning to shade to air conditioning as much as possible!

We went diving on Sunday - there were about 25 of us altogether, two shore dives off the waterfront in a couple of bits of Sydney. Both dives were excellent - on the second one I spotted an octopus hiding in the shelf of a reef wall. Managed to get pretty close to it while it glowered at me!

K and I were trying out our new wetsuits and other diving-related gear (masks, snorkel, fins, gloves) - bought as combination of various gifts over the past six months (my birthday, K's leaving work, joint Christmas gifts) - it was all very exciting!!

Photos on link to right (Diving and Sunny Days).

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