Sunday, 27 September 2009


Unlike the relatively civilised evening we had this Friday, last Friday we'd arranged a 2 for 1 cocktails night in King's Cross, a far less 'salubrious' part of town! It's all my fault really, as I'd spotted the 2 for 1 offer in my monthly email from Time Out, and as I've been getting a taste for cocktails lately, figured it was worth a go!

So me, K and various work related pals headed along straight from work to "Goldfish", a fairly dark and dingy spot on the main drag in "The Cross" as it's affectionately known round here.

Unfortunately they didn't seem prepared for a deluge of people demanding cheap cocktails as there was only one barman and at least 12 of us, which meant that it took a LONG time for us to get served - especially as he wasn't the quickest cocktail maker in the world. An extra touch of class was added by the plastic glasses that everything was served in - haven't had that experience since living in Glasgow!!

Still, it was all good fun and the cocktails were actually pretty good - a wide selection and at $7 (£3.50) each, you really can't complain. The special offer finished at 9pm at which point we ended up ygoing for a burger, before hitting another bar for possibly one or two drinks too many...

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