Saturday, 25 October 2008

Beautiful Botanics

I spent this morning in the Botanic Gardens with my photography course group learning how to use my camera to take close-ups and get the best out of nature photography. It was excellent: I had no idea how much was in the Botanics and you look at things in a different way when you're looking for good photos, so it was a really enjoyable couple of hours. The highlight was seeing hundreds of flying foxes (fruit bats) hanging from the trees while they rested in advance of their nightly hunting. Very cute!

Not sure if this will work but try clicking here for a link to the best of the 250+ photos I took!


Ali said...

Wow! Fantastic images - love the series of green leaves - would look great in a frame along that horizontal line in the living room (behind the sofa). Love the colours. Anyway, this is a great way to spend time waiting in an airport (Free from 'yes' Optus too!). Was so good to see you and Kevin and your home. Definitely feels much nearer now. xxx Mum

CBQ said...

Love the wee bats, the spider and the big red cactus flowers - great stuff Emma!

Emma said...

Thanks guys - good to get that kind of feedback! Although the camera has to take a lot of the credit :-)

And excellent to get interior design tips via blog!!

As I type this, Mum, you're STILL on a plane - amazing!!